When you consider most people’s fantasies, a common feature is the concept of either being sexually controlled by their lover or exercising such control themselves. In such situations the passive person gives into whatever is going to happen to them, the assumption being that they will be taken to some wonderful erotic place where they have never been before, possibly one they previously knew nothing about .

Being blindfolded puts one in that exact situation. Unable to see what is happening or is likely to happen, you have to trust and hope. And of course, in the darkness of the blindfold your imagination can run free, never quite sure who is there or which of your sensitive part are going to be pleasured or scourged next, and if the whole experience will end in pain or pleasure. And of course we are flooded , subliminally, with the fears and excitements of childhood games, tied helplessly to a tree and wondering just what humiliations are about to be visited on us.

To me these images capture the mystery and promise that blindfolds offer. When you’ve finished reading this, close your eyes for several minutes and think of the possibilities.

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