Sex for sale

For a lot of men, certainly most of the men I know, the thought of paying for sex is demeaning , taking the view that to pay for it means that they are not attractive or charismatic enough to find women who want to have sex with them for its own sake. This is something I can understand

But for some men, the idea of paying for sex gives it an additional glamorous edge, and the love the idea that they have bought this woman for an agreed period of time and that she is theirs to do with as they wish for as long as they wish.

The couple of images here, for me at least, encapsulates that concept perfectly. The men with their expensive tailoring contrasting with the women attired to be sexually alluring. The kneeling girl with her ripe breasts offered up in their lacy bra, and the girl in the car playing with herself to give the man an idea of what pleasures await when they get to his hotel or flat are perfect examples of how we like to think of professional ladies of the night.

Where do I stand on the subject? Best not to comment.

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