The thing is....

Yes, it’s safe for a bit, George won’t be here for good hour or so yet. Mmm! That’s so nice when you do that!

Look, I’m quite happy with George, but the thing is, he gets so cross with me over the smallest things. I mean, the other day I was telling him just how much my boss appreciates all the little thing I do for him at the office to keep him happy,

And he spanked me for it! It’s no fair is it.

And when I told him I was helping out with the after hours photographic group he was fine at first, but when I showed him a couple of the pics they’d done of me,

I ended up over his knee again. He gets jealous over the smallest thing! I just don’t understand him.

God knows why, but he’s got this silly idea that I’m the office cock teaser, but it’s just not true. I mean, if Wendy can wear a lacy blouse to the office,

why was it any worse when I wore mine?

I’d barely closed the front do behind me and I knew I was in for it. A good long spanking with my knickers down and I had to promise never to wear it in the office ever again.

And then there’s always the business of skirts. I can’t help it if I’ve got nice legs, so why shouldn’t I show them off occasionally in a short skirt. It’s only a fashion statement really and I’m sure none of the men take a blind bit of notice when I do,

so why should I have to be punished every time he finds me wearing one?

The thing is, the office party is coming up soon, and, well, you know what parties are. Last year I can't deny I did get a bit free and easy after a few drinks,

And OK, I was in a bit of a state by the time all the men had insisted on kissing me goodnight, but I’m only human.

Anyway, I wondered if after the party I could stay over with you and it will save me getting in any more trouble with him. Anyway, you know how nice it is when I stay at your place.

What! If I get home late you’ll spank me!

Look kiss me and say that again, it makes me all excited! Yes touch me like that …….. You’ll what, strip me naked and spank me and spank me, OHHH!!!!
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