A Reasonable Plea from the Corner

Ok all of you, I think we can agree that two of the most widely discussed and contentious aspects of a spanking is rubbing and corner time.

And here I am going to bring it up again. And I know what you are thinking. As a frequently spanked girl, I am going to be against both corner time and the no rubbing rule. I will admit it now, you are right.

The thing is, I can understand you guys out there and your positions on both. You spent all this time spanking her and making sure she feels it and you don't want her to "rub the sting away". You want her standing in the corner, reflecting on what she has done wrong and feeling the stinging and throbbing results of all your efforts you put into spanking your naughty young lady.

I get this. I really do. It makes sense. But, let me plead my case as to why this is not only not necessary, but it would be benificial to both of you to forgo these ongoing practices.

There are two things that a just spanked girl wants to do most as soon as she is let up. The first is to rub, of course. The second is to have a look. This is only natural!

Her bottom is on fire and stinging with a heat that is not like any other sensation life can offer. Repeated impact with hand, leather, wood, is so different from any other burn or sensation. Touching a hot pan left on a stove for instance, leaves an immediate burn to skin that she will not want to rub. This burn is different. Spanking has skin and muscle left with a deep heat and sting that demands a rub, but what you guys don't understand, is that it really doesn't do any good. It is more psychological than physical that rubbing really helps.

 It is something to do with the hands and may seem like it's helping but really, unless you let her do it for minutes on end, really is not making any difference. And girls, be honest, you know it's true. Specially the longer the spanking has lasted.

So really, you have no need to worry that she is rubbing away the stinging pain that you have worked so hard to create. It will still be there, plus, think about this. When she rubs, she feels that heat in the skin, she feels that change in texture from a smooth surface to perhaps being able to trace raised fingerprints or even the distinctive so-named tramlines left by a cane and all in between.
Ok, you wanted her to learn a lesson. Let that be it. Let her feel for herself the results of your efforts.
Now, assuming you have let her rub, the next thing she wants to do is look.

She has just spent 20 minutes, half hour, maybe longer. Over your lap, bent over the bed, what have you. Getting spanked possibly with hand, leather paddle, tawse, wood paddles, canes, whatever you have decided to use. You have had the pleasure of watching every swat and reaction and observed her pale skin turn the spectrum of pinks and reds and perhaps into the magenta, purples depending on how much spanking you have felt she needed. You got to see every squirm, kick, wriggle, bounce.

You have seen up close the reactions in her body that she might have wished she could hide yet as she did squrim and kick you have seen the evidence that your every stroke has sent her into a malestorm of arousal that only the combination of pain and pleasure of a spanking can leave her with that has your pants damp under her and has her so swollen and wet.

You have had all this visual stimulus and no doubt she too has felt how hard you are beneath her.
Now let her have a look in the mirror to see the results of your labor. Let her see what she has felt. Let her stand in front of the mirror and feel proud of that she has took all you have dished out and let her see those red handprints, those brush ovals, those strap stripes, those cane welts.

Probably the most popular complaint of a regularly spanked girl is that the redness and marks are so shortlived. Right girls??

So, let her have a chance to appreciate what you have seen for the last half hour or so.

Now as for corner time. Assuming you have let her rub and look, and you have watched her doing so, you cannot tell me that you now want to send her to a corner. You may think she will be thinking of what she has done wrong, but I gotta tell you, for most of us (obviously not all, especially to those that are far more serious about spanking as pure punishment) the time she has thought about that is long past.

Right now, she is a just spanked hell cat dripping with desire, hot, wet, and can't wait for you both to fuck each others brains out. So why lose that with time in a corner. Surely you both want what she wants, what we all want next!

So, how bout it guys? No more "no rubbing, young lady" and no more corners. Right girls?
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