If Only...

You see it every day in some way or another and if you are like me, it drives you nuts.

Women so self centered, oblivious, or just don't seem to care that their actions or inactions are making things difficult for those around them.

You know the things I am talking about.

That woman in the turning lane at the red light who is talking away on her cell phone and doesn't notice the arrow turn green. That green arrow does not last long and when you honk at her to get her attention, she turns around to give you a dirty look for daring to disturb her conversation then finally goes just as the light turns red again.

The women in the theater answering their phones during the movie disturbing those that paid a lot of money to watch.

Grocery stores seem to be where these woman really decide to behave badly.

You see it all the time.

You get only a few things, perhaps some ice cream in the hot summer, so you go to the express lane for 20 items or less only to find that the woman 2 places up is unloading a nearly full cart saying its only a few more.

The woman holding up a line arguing that she should be able to use expired coupons.

Or she says she forgot something and takes her time going who knows where while people are waiting.

Waits until the cashier is finished ringing up everything to remember she has coupons and start looking for them.

Or she waits until everything is rung up before taking out her checkbook to fill the check out.. she could have had it ready with all but the total written in. Then after filling it out, is surprised that the cashier wants to see identification so starts searching.

Or is talking on her phone while slowly unloading her cart one item at a time while the cashier rings it up and waits for the next item.

Then there are the cashiers at banks or other places that while you are at the head of the line and it is your turn, stop to answer the phone and talk to them or take their order, and when finally done, she asks what it was you needed again.

While most people would just get mad or want to yell at them, you and I are both thinking the same thing.

She needs a good spanking!

How great would it be if the beleagured victims of these selfish women, could just hang up her phone, bend her over the nearest table and take their belt to her.

Or better yet there is a paddle or cane hanging up at every checkout line.

I know I wouldn't mind waiting a couple extra minutes while one of these women were dealt with.

Line em up and spank em!

A good hard spanking is just what they need and I would bet that grocery shopping and traffic would run a whole lot smoother and efficiently if we were allowed to give it to them.

When and what circumstances have you in daily life found yourself saying "she could do with a damn good spanking"?

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