Is it any Wonder?

Is it any wonder that a kinky girl has to buy so many more panties than those that are not as lucky to be like us?

Just have a look at what a lot of us have to endure (granted gladly).

There comes a point during spankings of a length or intensity where the heat and sting makes it nearly impossible for a girl to stay still. Admonishments to keep still are just not going to do much good. The impulse to move, to kick, wiggle, and try to escape is just about involuntary.

When this happens and panties are still on and down like arund the knees and ankles, then waistbands and leg bands get all stretched out and we are left with expensive rags once the spankings are all over.

Now, guys, I know what you are thinking. That it keeps the leg kicking to a minimum and this is true. But, I ask, really how often does the kicking get to really be in the way of you giving the spanking or in danger of you getting a foot upside the head. And besides, I know you don't exactly hate the view that all that wiggling and squirming and kicking is providing you.

However, I can understand if the kicking might get out of hand say if you been spanking for a while with say a hairbrush or paddle that has that sting and heat just building to an awful inferno and maybe the legs are getting a little too wild.

If that is the case, there are plenty of positions or things you can do to keep it under control.

But I can understand wanting the more personal, intimate over the lap positions that will work also

But, panties half off, while it might work somewhat,

 is just gonna get them stretched out and need replacing and lingerie has only gotten more expensive.

So how about a deal guys, either take the panties off all the way or no getting mad when the Victorias Secret bills come. Ok?
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