.. And She Passed By In Painted On Jeans

What you guys out there might not know is that we girls have a few pairs of jeans in our wardrobe that we like to wear when the mood strikes us.

These aren't ordinary jeans, not by a long shot... these are the "painted on jeans", you sometimes hear referred to in some songs.

These jeans are not for a time of water retention or after those 2 or 3 holiday pounds that accrued by January. No, they are hard enough to get on in the best of times.

They require a shimmying shuffle and laying back on the bed and all kinds of contortions before they are up over the hips and secured in place.

Regular style panties with these jeans are a bit silly to try to wear, they just gonna end up wedged in and all out of place and the lines will show. So it is a thong or nothing basically.

Why do we go thru this, well, as with any attire we usually pick out, it makes us feel sexy, confident, and of course, we dress to look good for you guys out there. We know how it makes our butts and legs look

especially when some heels are added.

Now, for any other girl out and about with friends or her boyfriend, it would be an ordinary time.

However, with a couple who like things a bit spicier and well, kinkier, these jeans become like waving a flag in front of a bull. It doesn't take long before you guys get that itching palm look in your eyes. And quite frankly, we like it. It isn't long before we make sure we put a little extra sway in the hips, bend over a bit more often than necessary, get a bit more teasing and sassy.

Believe me, when we are tugging pulling and bending to get these on, we know that a spanking is coming our way, the only question is how long you guys can take it til you just have to give it.

The problem comes when you guys get so impatient and frustrated that you don't take time to get them down or off, and trust me without her cooperation, that aint gonna happen.

So, in your hurry, you get her over your lap and try to start spanking.

My boyfriend is the first to admit that that is a big mistake. He says its like trying to spank iron. With already skin tight jeans stretched even further bent over, your hand is gonna get a hellofa lot sorer than her butt is going to get.

So then you think you will just reach for a paddle or brush or cane, etc to do the job.

I think we all have seen what happens then. Sure she will feel it and you might get some pretty good reaction, but very shortly you just end up like this

breaking perhaps her and your favorite toys.

So, guys do you both a favor and do whatever needs to get done to get those tight jeans down/off
and do a proper job of the spanking.

Sure, it will take a lot more effort, but don't worry, your hard work will be well rewarded.

and that is what she has been looking forward to when she first reached for those skin tight jeans to struggle into in the first place

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