Let Us All Be Glad

I think we should all take time to appreciate how good we all have it nowadays.

As pointed out in the last post, women are becoming more and more comfortable with their sexuality and wants and needs.

While discipline in households during the victorian era was not only acceptable but expected for the most part, can you just imagine time consuming and difficult it was to spank a naughty young lady in that century?

A proper young lady wore half a closetful of clothing when they went out.

After washing up, they would first put on pantelettes (the predecessor to panties) which was 2 leggings sewn together and open in the middle.

Then would come a chemise which covered the torso and gave a bit of protection from the binding of the next item worn

The corset.

This was a shaping garment more than anything, to push up the boobs and cinch in the waist.

Then came a rather plain petticoat to go over everything so far.

Then came a corded petticoat that was thick and heavy and added a billowing out structure to the lower garments.

Then came another petticoat over that that would smooth out any shape of the corded petticoat.

Then came a more decorative petticoat that would go all the way down and the bottom of which might be lacy and patterned and the last few inches would often be seen when the young lady would climb steps or be helped into a carriage.

Then came the full length dress.

Just imagine what the poor gentleman who has decided that she needs a good spanking has to go thru! He better have cleared a couple hours just get to a layer of clothing over which she might actually feel anything. There was no simply pulling everything up. The size and weight of all the cloth would have made that near impossible.

Look how lucky we all are with today's women's fashions. Now, look how easy it is to give a good spanking to a naughty young lady dressed for a night out.

How quick it would be to put that dress up, put her over your lap, and give her the spanking she has been needing.

With some outfits, they may be short enough that they will raise themselves once she is bent over.

Sure some tight pants or jeans may provide a minute or 2 of work, but once down, it becomes a simple manner.

Should it be decided that the spanking will be bare, look how easy underwear has become for that.
A couple garter clips released, and panties pulled down.

And now instead of needing to have a snack after all the effort of preparing voluminous amount of clothing and dishing out a spanking, we can all get to satisfying a whole different appetite once it is over.

So victorian clothing might make for some exciting occasional role play, I am sure glad I get to wear the outfits of today's styles. How bout you all?
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