Lesbian vampires

For those of us with a vivid imagination and a strong sense of fantasy, two of the most emotive words in the language are vampire and lesbian. Put them together and you instantly have visions of a creature of juice and appetite, a lush breasted and scantily clothed thing of the night whose natural haunt is crumbling castles, owl hooted graveyards and steaming midnight forests. Helpless to fight her own destiny, she is a victim her erotic hunger and on an endless quest is to seek out others of her kind who are be kissed and sucked and enveloped in an orgy of mutual engorgement.

But there's more than just mutual pleasuring, victims must be found to feed their endless carnal appetites. They need the blood of pretty young virgins, innocent and wide eyed who, giving in to night time temptations offer their young lips to be kissed by the exquisite temptress who has slid through their bedroom curtains.

Mouth on mouth and breast on breast it’s almost too beautiful for them, but suddenly the violin shrieks a discordant note and sharp fangs pierce their smooth necks, and it’s all over. They have become another of the chosen ones, transformed into creatures of the night, and their future now an endless orgasm of blood and sex.

I don’t know about you, but it strikes me as a wonderful way to go.
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