Strict older men and young feisty girls, a dangerous mix!

The things these girls need to learn is that what they can get up to with their young boy friends doesn’t apply when keeping company with an older man who knows exactly how to deal with their mischievous ways.

With the young girl who was told not to listen to any more Elvis, the lesson has barely started, her knickers have yet to be pulled down and he’s not fully into his stride yet.

With another of them, her spanking is fairly advanced. Bit by bit she’s been stripped to a short tee shirt and her bottom is reddening nicely, a good sign that the lesson is sinking in. Another few minutes across his knee and she’ll be calling him ‘Sir’ and promising never to do it again.

For the last one, it could go anywhere. She was all dressed up go out on the town, but she’s stayed in across his knee, very likely because under her transparent harem trousers the naughty girl had left off her knickers.

Don’t worry girls. It’s a lesson we’ve all had learn, and afterwards……….well, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you about afterwards.
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