Spanking and feminism

I know I'm opening a great can of worms posting this, men of a certain age nodding sagely and feminists up in arms against me.

And where do I stand on this thorny issue? I don't need to describe myself as a liberated woman as I'm lucky enough that, as an educated single female who is financially, socially and intellectually independent there has never been anything I ever needed to be liberated from. As such, I have complete charge of my sexual fantasies, and if they happen to include my being turned into a naughty girl who needs a good spanking from time to time, it is my own decision; if I have organized my life so that actually happens, it means I'm very fortunate indeed.

Enjoying being spanked means having an additional and exciting element spicing up your sex life, and that has to be a good thing. Overwhelming it does not mean having to be a victim or a drudge. Most of you will remember that not long ago there was a tabloid scandal about Max Mosley the wealthy and powerful head of motor racing who was discovered in a specialist club being whipped and dominated by a handful of sexualised females dressed as Nazis. Unsurprisingly there was a lot of prurient tutting about this, but no one for a second suggested that the poor chap was a victim. If I may say so he was more of a victim than I am as he paid heavily for this service, but not once has a boyfriend of mine between pulling me across his knee and taking down my panties asked me just how much I was going to pay him for the pleasure.

In summary, where is a women s place? It's anywhere they chose it to be, and if its bare bottomed across a man's knee because it makes both her and him happy, then it sound a good place to be.
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